Ilesboro Reclamation Project Completed

The Ilesboro Road Reclamation Project is completed!  This project (funding by ODNR DMRM, OEPA, and OSM) minimizes the formation of acid mine drainage from this pre-law ridgetop surface mine site; reducing the acidity and metal load entering the West Branch of Raccoon Creek. Stay tuned for a spring 2020 post-construction tour!

Ilesboro Road Reclamation Project Update, 6-14-18

Currently, the Ilesboro Road Reclamation Project is still being recontoured to ensure positive drainage.  A bulldozer and scraper are being used to level out the high places and fill in the lower points with dirt.  While some areas of the site are currently ready for resoil, it is expected that resoil, vegetation, and installation of …

Daniels Run Reclamation Project Update, 6-7-18

The Contract completion date for the Daniels Reclamation Project is being extended to August 1, 2018 to allow for the remaining project work to be completed in more favorable weather and ground conditions.  While most of the contracted work is complete, covering the spoil with resoil and revegetation activities have been slowed due to heavy …

Ilesboro Road Reclamation Project Update, 5-17-2018

  The Ilesboro Road Reclamation Project site was cleared and the pits were drained, with water undergoing treatment as it drained.  Currently, the contractors are working on recontouring the site.  Check out these pictures below to see our progress!  Click on the pictures to enlarge them.