Raccoon Creek Partnership

RCP logo newThe Raccoon Creek Partnership (RCP) is a member based, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that was formed to improve and protect water quality in the Raccoon Creek Watershed. Located in southeastern Ohio’s hill country, this 683 square mile watershed is a treasure trove of natural wonders including more than 60,000 acres of national forest, state forest, state parks, and wildlife management areas. Our partners include agencies, organizations, communities, and individuals with a shared mission: to work toward conservation, stewardship, and restoration of the watershed for a healthier stream and community.

The primary objectives of the Raccoon Creek Partnership are:

  1. To partner with local, state and federal agencies and organizations to facilitate and implement water quality restoration, enhancement, and protection projects.
  2. To conduct outreach activities and provide environmental education to the public and watershed partners with regard to Raccoon Creek watershed management.
  3. To create, enhance, and promote recreational opportunities on Raccoon Creek.
  4. To support and coordinate watershed related research activities.
  5. To develop and support stewardship programs to activate and educate the local watershed community.
  6. To advocate and support activities that support and further the mission of the RCP.

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