Little Raccoon Creek

Little Raccoon Creek is a 38.5-mile long stream in Jackson, Vinton and Gallia Counties, and the largest tributary of Raccoon Creek. Historic coal mining activities have caused extreme pollution of the waterway from acid mine drainage and sedimentation.  In the Little Raccoon Creek watershed, acid mine drainage (AMD) from abandoned underground and surface coalmine spoils and coal refuse, has degraded stream water quality and damaged fish and macroinvertebrate habitat.

AMDAT Plans for the Raccoon Creek Watershed

Priority Sites

Flint Run is the largest contributor of AMD in the Little Raccoon Creek watershed. A ma­jority of this (90%) has been attributed to a 240-acre site in the headwaters. This site, called Bro­ken Aro, previously housed a coal preparation facility and mine tailings dump. Other major AMD contributors in this basin include Mulga Run, Buffer Run and Goose Run.

Little Raccoon Creek Completed Projects

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Flint Run East

Lake Milton

State Route 124 Seeps

Mulga Run

Middleton Run – Salem Road

Buckeye Furnace – Buffer Run

Future Projects

Lake Latrobe

Lake Latrobe is located on the Broken Aro Site, adjacent to the former Lake Hart, which was drained as part of the Flint Run East Project.  The dam of the lake is composed of mine spoil, which creates severe acid mine drainage as the lake water filters through it.  In 2008, the Raccoon Creek Partners plan to study this area and develop a plan for its reclamation.