Casa Nueva Restaurant & Cantina

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Casa Nueva Restaurant & Cantina welcomes Raccoon Creek Partnership as its charity of the month!!

Casa Nueva is an Athen’s local, worker-owned restaurant that has won (for many years!) the Athen’s Best Award for Best Uniquely Athens Restaurant. It is located at 6 W State St, Athens, OH 45701.

For the month of MAY, all cash tips left at Casa Nueva will be donated to the charity of the month, which is Raccoon Creek Partnership. Donations go back into the community through our camps and educational outreach. They will help us reach out to and engage children throughout Southeast Ohio in classrooms, libraries, fairs, and camps with the outdoors and wildlife.

A lot of what we do is educating people about the effects we all have on the environment and how we can be successful stewards of the land. RCP has been successful at reviving a dead watershed, but sustaining that health is a process. Donations become part of the legacy of Raccoon Creek and its new life as a healthy waterway.

So go to Casa, order local food, and support your local businesses and non-profits. CHEERS!untitled



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